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Dear Friend,

I hope you will choose me to help you with your legal problem. Both I and the lawyers I work with have a proven record of success that is difficult to match anywhere. I believe in hard work, honesty, and know how to solve difficult legal situations.

In 1978 I left the District Attorney’s Office to enter private practice with Arnold Mordkin, a retired judge. As graduates of UCLA and USC Law Schools, we were committed to build a firm of excellent attorneys, with top educational backgrounds, solid legal experience and the innate drive it takes to achieve the best result attainable for each client.

Although Judge Mordkin retired, his legacy lives on in the professionalism of the lawyers I work with. My clients are treated with dignity and receive all the benefit of our skill, training and dedication to excellence. We preserve your confidentiality, skillfully handle your immediate legal problem, and are always mindful of collateral issues such as licenses, bonding, employment, security clearances, immigration, etc.

You owe it to yourself to discuss your case with a qualified attorney. I am open 24 hours everyday and can meet you either in my office, or send one of my investigators or legal assistants to your home. You need to know your options, preserve evidence and protect your rights. Whenever you have a legal problem it is critical to receive timely and knowledgeable advice.

Please give me a call at your convenience to allow me to discuss your case with you. I would enjoy speaking with you personally.

Yours very truly,

Bruce C. Bridgman
Attorney at Law

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